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Kilimanjaro & Meru Mountains Trekking


One ofthe popular sites to visit in Tanzania is definitely Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro rises approximately 4650m/15500 feet from its base to elevation of 5895 meters/19885 feet above sea level. This mountain is actually located in the Kilimanjaro region hence the name. This mountain is also listed as the free-standing mountain in Africa and covers the area of 1688km square, 652sq miles. The mountain Kilimanjaro is perceived as a geological type stratovolcanic because its last volcanic outbreak was 150,000 or 200,000 million years ago. The great volcanic outbreaks left the listing of seven summits and three main volcanic cones. These volcanic cones have names, Shira, Mawenzi. and Kibo. Shira cone was the first volcanic cone, and then the second was Mawenzi and the last one was the Kibo.

People would be pleased to know that Guideprivate also arranges the Kilimanjaro climbing tours along with other activities. Being as a Tanzania Safari company. the Guideprivate uses different routes for Kilimanjaro climbing tours. These routes and the climbing tours are days long. Some of the popular routes that have been organized by the tours operators in Arusha are these. Lemosho route is the longest route which takes 8 days, Umbwe via W. Bridge and Machame route takes 7 days and the Umbwe via W. Bridge route is the expensive route of Guideprivate to Mount Kilimanjaro. Umbwe via Stella and Rongai route will take 6 days and they are the economic choice for an average tourist. Marangu route will take 5 days and the last Shira route will take just 4 days to climb the Mount Kilimanjaro. Apart from these listed Kilimanaro climbing routes, Guideprivate offers to make people their own way to climb up the mountain for a reasonable price. Guideprivate is a touring company that believes in fair trade and offers you the environment that is friendly and just like home.

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